Mei Hua 梅花 (Plum Blossoms)

Mei Hua 梅花 (Plum Blossoms)

Composed by Xiao Chunyuan


Digital Only
3-Part, SSA

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Song Description
Composer’s Notes: In China, Plum Blossom is recognised as the leader of the pack in China’s “Top 10 Flowers of Fame”. Other flowers in this category include Peony, Osmanthus, Chrysanthemum, Cymbidium, Chinese Rose, Rhododendron, Camellia, Lotus and Narcissus. The decision of Plum Blossom as the leader of the pack because it symbolizes noble, virtuous, strength and humble. Being the leader, Plum Blossom is often portrayed by Chinese poets and one of the most famous poems is by Wang Anshi, the Chinese prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty. It describes the poet who saw the plum trees which grew during the period of a harsh winter at the corner of the wall at his home.


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