Composed by Xiao Chunyuan


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Song Description
Singapore, a country in Southeast Asia, known by many as the ‘little red dot’, is a country filled with five main religions, namely Christianity, Buddhism; Taoism; Islam and Hinduism. Hinduism has three main gods, namely Brahma, The Creator, Vishnu; The Preserver and Shiva; The Destroyer. Of the three gods, Shiva is the most important as the Hindu worshippers believe that, through Shiva, the world will be destroyed and Shiva will recreate a better world for the humanity to live in. Written for unaccompanied SATB, the composer combines mantra text Om Namah Shivaya and a poem on Shiva, written by Singaporean poet and Emeritus Professor Edwin Thumboo to form this choral work SHIVA. Translated as Adoration to Lord Shiva, Om Namah Shivaya is an ancient mantra taken from Shri Rudram hymn, which is part of the four vedas called Yajurveda.


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