Under The Silver Moonlight

Under The Silver Moonlight

Arranged by Xiao Chunyuan


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Song Description
Arranger’s Notes

Under The Silver Moonlight is a folk melody by the Tatars, with its roots originating from Russia. In Russia, this folk song is called Above The Silver River. The Tartars are part of a group of people known as the Turks and they can be found in regions of Russia, or countries that were used to be ruled under the Russian Empire. The Tatars were also incorporated into the Mongolian Empire, ruled by Genghis Khan, known in Chinese history as the Yuan Dynasty. The folk song tells the tale of a young Tatar man, longing for love, after his girl rides on the horse and goes home.

In 1938, Chinese folk song singer, songwriter and folk song researcher Wang Luobin first arranged Xinjiang folk song The Girl of Da Ban City and it is through this song, Wang began his years of searching folksong across the western regions of China, where most of the minorities reside. It was through him, Under The Silver Moonlight was translated into Chinese language and made it known to the world and became one of the popular folk songs sung in China and parts of Asia today.


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