Nicholas Rio


Nicholas Rio is a accompanist, arranger and composer born in Bandung. He learned electone since he was 5 under the tutelage of Vivi Nathalia, before later studied clasiccal piano to Ine Lopulisa and jazz piano to Bambang Nugroho. He joined several piano masterclasses from Gordon Fergus Thompson, Ian Jones, Andrew Zolinsky and Moritz Ernst. He also joined several choral workshops from Mark Anthony Carpio, Jonathan Velasco, Brady Allred, Haruko Kuwabara and Albert Tay. Rio learned conducting from Daniel Victor, and joined composition workshops from Stephen Leek, Jude Roldan, Stacy Garrop and Ken Steven.

He is a pianist of various concerts and competitions. Rio represents Indonesia on the 19th Festival Choral International en Provence and the 6th Festival Choral International en Aveyron as the pianist of Magnificat Church Choir Studio on July 2014; also as the pianist of the 2nd prize winner Saint Angela Choir on the 49th Tolosa Choral Contest. Rio has also participated in other kinds of art performance, such as music making, Poemuse performances and so on. As a composer, his piece “Fecit Potentiam” was crowned as the winner of the 7th Satya Dharma Gita Choir Festival 2019 composition competition, Musica Sacra Category.